Friday, August 19, 2016

Down to earth

Soon he makes me realise again,
The earth takes so much from you,
It tears you apart,
till you bend to your knees,
kills you inside,
To the deep of your heart.

It lets you keep the remain,
to put the thought in your bank,
so you make a deposit,
to left with a memory of sad and saint.

I beg you to let off the pain,
It wont go, its still the same,
Struggle, hassle, it wont bug.
I beg ur pardon, What is this in the name of heaven?

He say, I wont let you know,
there is somewhere you need it,
something people wont have it,
a same road that the others gone through,
a some road that had not been taken.
But its a special journey.
Just you, and only your little life my dear.
You will, soon or later.


Alfie Muzairul said...

Love your thoughts and post.Hope to read more soon.

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