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Monday, January 26, 2015

Dimana dirimu ?

Peperiksaan itu kamu

Setiap orang punyai impan untuk dikejar , terus menerus mengejar sesuatu yang bisa bawa pada kebahagiaan yang dirasakan itu agar menyedapkan hatinya . satu satu didalam arenanya dikejar untuk membawa dirinya berada didalam "nama"

memujuk hati setiap orang yang melihatnya untuk terpegun dan terkaku apabila dapat dlihat gah di atas pakaian kejayaan yang Allah sarungkan untuknya . ini untuk dia lihat, ini untuk keluarga lihat , ini untuk kawan kawan . di sedalam dalam hati ingin orang lihat kejayaan itu hingga terlupa cerminan itu agar menjadi insan yang bertakwa~ 

ketuklah sedalam hati itu , apakah yang dikejarkan selama ini ? soal lah diri , dimanakah perhentian kita selepas meraih kejayaan di mata2 sahabat dan keluarga ? 

hatimu baik ingin mengejar cita2 , tetapi baik belum cukup jika bukan kerana Allah .
apa yang Allah mahukan daripadamu ? 
apakah yang Allah mahukan darimu ? 


bagaimana situasi aku diduniaMu sekarang ? 


Sudah kau melihat kasih sayang yang telah Dia berikan melalui kehidupan manusia, melalui kedua ibubapa, adik beradik, saudara mara kepada kau agar kau senang hati?  

Adakah itu masih tidak mencukupi? sedangkan kau hidup ini berbekalkan kasih sayang dimuka bumi, mengapa kau memilih jalan yang ia seakan tidak mencukupi? 

Tidak semua orang mampu memiliki kasih sayang. Tidak semua orang yang diberikan kasih sayang yang sepenuhnya, namun jika Allah memilih kamu untuk disayangi janganlah kau tinggalkan kasih sayang itu.  

Kau cari di setiap penjuru, namun Dia tidak teragak2 untuk hancurkan setiap satu darinya. Bersyukurlah atas nikmat yang telah diberikan kepada kau. Jangan kau persiakan apa yang telah Dia beri. Kelak suatu hari kau akan sedar ...

"Adakah kamu menyangka bahawa kami menciptakan kamu (dari tiada kepada ada) hanya saja saja (sia sia tanpa sebarang hkmah pada penciptaan itu ?) dan kamu (menyangka pula) kamu tidak akan dikembalikan kepada kami?" -Al-mu'minun, 115

Berilah masa untuk diri, berikan masa pada hati . Jangan persiakan hidup demi sesuatu yang tidak dapat diganti yang nilainya akan kau kesali seumur hidup. Biarpun hidup kau senang sebentar namun jika kau tinggalkan kasih sayang, kau tidak akan dapat ketenangan di hati.  

Fikirkanlah, "nama" itu tidak perlu dimiliki kerana ia akan mengosongkan hati. Tetapi milikilah kasih sayang Allah kerana ia akan memenuhkan hati. 

" bukankah Aku telah berikan kau kasih sayang namun kau cemarkan"

Sunday, January 18, 2015


kau unik kerana berbeza ,
kau tak perlu difikirkan ,
kau tidak berdefinisi ,
kau tidak dikenali .

kau tak perlu hirau ,
kau tak perlu risau ,
kau tidak berkategori ,
kau tidak berpopulasi .

ukir kau bebas ,
bebas yang tidak terbatas ,
kau punyai pelbagai persepsi ,
kerana penuh dengan halusinasi .

perbezaan kau tiada ,
kau mengatur bebas ,
tak perlu diukur ,
tanpa sebarang synchronize.

pencipta kenal apa dicipta ,
sedang yang lihat tidak berkata ,
namun tetap ia berhajat ,
kerana dicipta sebagai abstrak .

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

World and ISIS

assalamualaikum wbr ,

First of all , I would like to share some thought about mujahidden , ISIS especially. be aware that this is only an opinion .

MUJAHIDDEN it comes from the root word JIHAD , which means people who strive for jihad . Theres a lot of translation of jihad in arabic, but after the arrival of Islam there is only one meaning of jihad . Quran 121 this word touches many things about fighting against kafir . There are 2 translation of Jihad  which is Jihad  & Jihad Fisabilillah . Jihad in general  means strive to get something , this include strive to get good grades in academic , strive to dakwah in society , strive to fight our lust and others. while Jihad Fisabilillah in Quran is to fight the kafir in war field and abolish all interuption to dakwah to make Allah as the all mighty .

we need to understand that Jihad Fisabilillah is to abolish the resistance or interuption to Islamic dakwah , not to build and empayar ,not to slave any culture , not to force anyone to convert to Islam, not to harm innocents and attack with no reasons , not to build schools for the Malaysian, not to serve the economics for Afghan , not serve the politicians for China . 

 so there's been alot of confusion happening nowadays where a lot of mixing of information , with the conspiracies, the news , the forum about mujahidden. so where are we heading ? what is the real proof among this abundant and various information . the idiom is the truth is in the ground , you need to keep on digging to know what is underneath it .

but why ? we can just watch the news to learn the truth.

We need to understand the most effective device or electronic is the media. It holds every radio, televisyen, social network, and phones, and this things we use it everyday and everywhere. The media holds by the most powerful power in this world which is America. They not just conquer the media but also the world bank , economy and politics . As we all know America always target the muslim as their main enemy for decades, many strategies had been planned to take down the muslims especially through media , where the fact about muslim is twisted to make a bad impression about them .this super power can control and lead every country to go under his supervision .Which means every state ,nation need to go by their instructions . Everybody who claim to go solely without their governance non of the country will last long ,and endup with war .
Egypt as the most rich Islamic knowledge and ulama’ are the most violent people and dirty country . Indonesia rich with Islamic knowledge known to be the most poor country in the world . they are not coincident , but they are planned smoothly .

remember 9/11 ?

no one knows what really happened , is it the plane who collapsed the twin tower or anything else ?
so there's been a long talk . and until now , it never come to a conclusion .
so what America did , straight away they put the blame to muslims without any evidence. The news are spread , and everybody in this world who believe the kafir  , case closed . no more lies , muslim did this !

when everything about muslims, the news spread real quick , but when the kafir did something wrong there was like a Silent Hill.

Who killed more than 50 millions of indinas in south America ? 100 millions in north America ? who took about 180 millions of African people as slaves and 88% of them dies and thrown in atlantic ocean ? Then who is the terrorist ?

lets take the latest news ,the death of Charlie Hebdo . Everybody saw the video and everybody seems to believe that the killers was a muslim since the killer shout aloud "Allahuakbar"  .

but lets think for a while before we jump to any conclusion .

there are 2 version of the videos about the security guard we’ve seen before,
first, the terrorist shot the security guard right in the head, and he died.
the next video show the security guard is shot beside the head , but we dont really know if the really died .

so did he really died in the video ?
and Charlie Hebdo .really? did he died 

and when a man shouts "Allahuakbar" shows that he is a muslim ?
or is this another game played by them . 

if its true , then mashaAllah . if its not , may Allah give guidance to us . anyway  if the killer is a muslim , and he killed Charlie Hebdo because of the insult to our prophet Muhammad saw . atleast he act to repay the insult of our prophet saw , rather than other muslim who pretend to be a muslim but a  hypocrite .
when people make fun of our prophet it is insensitive ,they claim it as freedom of speech. when someone make fun and discriminate against the jews they call it antisemitism .
We are facing a world with full of lies which justice is far from the topic. This lies in anyway it must be study if we want to know what we're really against with . From my point of view, if we want this to be settled, first remove this double standard then we talk about justice .

now lets get back to the topic about ISIS,
ISIS as the largest and ahead among the mujahidden which is the world most controversial group . every news will publish about them , not a single country will miss it. they are more popular than k-pop  .

When I know this fact , I become more interested to study and question more about them . it’s not because I support what they’re doing , it is the kafir that make me want to know more about them . if they are so interested to make them a real enemy target, to make it viral. Then this is suspicious, so there must be something hiding . Saidina Ali once said  “if you want to know whose in the right side , look where the arrow of the kafir is heading” .

From my own research , ISIS will transfer from one state to another , from one country to another . they didn’t just show up in a country and protect them like FSA which only protect the Syrian muslims , like al-Qassam which only protect Palestine . ISIS go to a country where muslims need help especially when the muslim are attacked by the kafir . in the mean time , they want to build a Khilafah .
We hear a lot of rumors saying about the massacre, the bombing, the torture, killing innocent people . so I make more investigation to some people who had experienced joining the ISIS, so he said “majority of the ISIS is youth ,they love sunnah, and everybody in ISIS practice sunnah ,they are among the intelligents and academic. But if you say that killing many innocent flesh,killing innocent muslim people that is a big fitnah . since the media are in the hand of kafir so many fitnah happened to them, some of the video are faked and created by the kafir , one of the video they kill a children , this is not the work of ISIS . They are dying to protect the muslim masyaAllah , but our muslim always make their own perspectives by denying everything done by ISIS by believing the news spread” .

The fact that the kafir slaughtered, rapped, jailed ,massacre they kill them but they know how to hide the truth and change the truth to false . and one thing that can make this reality is the media, this thing can control the world . the media can make a good man look evil and evil man look good .
Here is a conversation between me and my lecturer in a lecture hall

Once I enter my tallaqi class . after the class ended , the lecturer want 3 question to be asked before we can dismiss . so I ask him one of the question which is about ISIS, he said :
“ I cant accept a muslim mujahidden who use violence as a way to achieve peace , but im not saying that I didn’t support nor support them because I don’t know the reality. but one thing for sure , I am curious why the kafir never stop targeting them…”

To believe or not to believe goes to the individual . I just want us to believe in something that have a proof and trough an investigation otherwise we are just a blind followers . some people might think this is not important , but believe me if we stay to believe blindly im afraid we will face a bad clash someday . I am strictly advice not to discriminate, curse , or criticize something that is beyond our knowledge which this will cause Allah swt wrath .

I will leave a message from prophet Muhammad saw as a reminder .

Sabda Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam 
Daripada al-Hasan, bahawa Nabi Shallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam menyebut bala yang akan menimpa kaum keluarganya, hinggalah Allah mengutuskan Panji-panji Hitam dari TIMUR. Sesiapa yang menolongnya akan ditolong pula oleh Allah. Sesiapa yang menghinanya akan dihinakan pula oleh Allah, hinggalah mereka mendatangi seorang lelaki yang namanyna seperi nama aku. Mereka pun melantiknya memimpin mereka, maka Allah pun membantu dan menolongnya.

Thank you

Monday, January 12, 2015

5 times ?

                             If your dream was promised to be at the bottom would you jump?

Is it only 5 times a day ?

I came across to write this post so people will be more aware about how they set their mind (muslim mind).

When we go to schools or colleges we study , after schools we take some rest and do some activity . during the night we start to revise and go to sleep . Then wake up to repeat the same thing over and over again .
When we work , we wake up in the early morning to get prepare for work . After a hard day is over , we are too tired and we go to take some rest . during the night we spent some quality time with family and have a nap .and this continue everyday . 

So everyday we do the same things over and over again. Right ?
So lets ask ourselves, what is the purpose we born or become a muslim ?
Does it rings any bell ? as a muslim we have our own priority that is to become closer to Allah and to avoid from wrong doings .which is also include doing sunnah such as fasting ,sunat prayer, dakwah, jihad and many others , this all we can get through learning .

Learn how to be a better muslim is very crucial as it is the right way to live . 
we keep on doing things that make us busy in searching for the wrong thing for a very long time . we learn dunya but forget that dunya was built by Allah , we go to work but we forget that the rezki is from Allah , we keep on playing that we dont remember who gives us health to play . 
so everything that we've done doesn't seems connected with Allah in one another .
we forget to much to please the world , that we dont realize Allah is watching everything .
so this need a knowledge and a reminder from time to time.
so where we can get it ?

buy a kitab and study them, get close to soleh and solehah, join Islamic classes , take an Islamic degree. We need to learn and acknowledge Islam as it is for own security and protection for dunya and akhirah . because this is what Allah wants us to do as a human , to know Islam is to know what Allah wants .   
says our prophet Muhammad saw . we are the best among the ummah . is it the best ummah only pray 5 times a day ? Islam is complete and it is complete with directions , so if it is complete why doesn’t it tell us to perform solah 5 times a day only but to follow everything guided to become a good muslim . 

Now when we see muslims that wears hijab , but didn’t know how to cover up . they wear hijab but wear short sleeves , wears hijab with  high heels, wears hijab with tight jeans , doesn’t that shows how improper and immoral as a muslim who is suppose to be coverup , clean and tidy and nice so that mans wont see us with lust. Secondly when we see muslims that wears properly with a bad attitude, they wear hijab but a backstabber , wears jubah but never spoke a good word , wears kopiah but taking riba ‘ . the more peculiar is this people pray 5 times daily . 

So where we put the knowledge of Islam , is it in the hijab , in the jubah , in the mind ?
No , but it is in the mind and heart . When we learn something , put it in the heart and feel it . if you learn about hijab , feel that you want to be protected . if you learn about hudud , feel that you want to be safe . that is what it is suppose to be , when you can feel it  then you can do it right  .  

In the context of modern, It is not the fault that we follow a little bit of the kafir life as if it is still under the right path and follow the syariah, but it is the matter of how we put our priorities right  and straight . We have the Quran and as sunnah , then why choose neither of them as we are a muslim that believe as the best and the truthful religion . we can be modern like other but dont abide our responsibilities. We need to know that we are a muslim , and as a muslim we are 24 hours in Islam . which means we are forever in the path where we need to do the right from wrong. not 4-5 minute of solah and abide the other fardhu and sunnah.

When Allah swt sent us here , He sent us with a guidance so that we can follow the truth and avoid from  astray  .The kafir plan so hard to make the muslims far from being a muslim but they didn’t plan alone, they plan together with dajjal & syaitan .while syaitan planned decades when prophet Adam is sent to earth .  so we need to plan from being under their colony . so follow the guidance and learn about Islam , then you will know why Islam put this and that .
The kafir dont respect the muslims even in the Microsoft word the dont declare MUSLIM and ISLAM as a word , they even want to take down the muslim , but why do we learn from them bit by bit ? why do we adore them so much ? they know what we need to do as we have our guide , we dont know what they want to do as they do it slowly and quietly with so many strategies , so we need to defend ourselves and always keep strong, and to keep strong is to have knowledge .

Remember always that Allah is watching .

Sentiasa ada jalan untuk kejayaan .

Setiap orang membuat kesilapan , setiap orang membuat dosa . tetapi sebaik-baik pendosa ialah mereka yang bertaubat . sabda nabi saw "Setiap daripada kamu ialah pendosa dan sebaik-baik pendosa ialah mereka yang bertaubat daripada dosanya" .

apa yang istimewa tentang dosa ialah adanya taubat . taubat itu tidak perlu tunggu di bus stop , tidak perlu dicari di mesir , tidak perlu terbang ke langkit , tetapi taubat itu sentiasa ada menunggu kita pada bila2 masa . Dan bila masa untuk bertaubat jawapannya ada didalam kesedaran kita sendiri .

Kesedaran itu sangat penting , orang sentiasa menjadikan sesuatu kesalahan itu sebagai perkara yang formal , seperti menjawab exam . apabila sudah berdosa , lepas taubat hilang dosa , ianya berkesan tetapi ternyata ia lebih berkesan apabila kita hadirkan rasa keinsafan dan kesedaran, dan sebab itu kesedaran itu terletak pada tangga ke dua selepas yang pertama iaitu meninggalkan dosa tersebut . Allah melihat pada hati seseorang , dan yang menentukan kebaikan seseorang itu ialah hatinya seperti sabdaan nabi saw.

Sesungguhnya dalam diri manusia itu ada seketul daging .Jika daging itu baik ,maka baiklah seluruh anggota badannya tetapi seandainya daging itu rosak dan kotor, maka kotor dan rosaklah seluruh anggota badannya .Daging yang dimaksudkan ini adalah hati"

 jika seorang yang sangat alim sekalipun tetapi tidak baik hatinya boleh jadi ianya menjadi seorang jahat ,begitulah perumpamaannya.
 Kesedaran ini yang membawa pada hasil yang berpanjangan dan menjadikan orang yang jiwa kosong pada pengisian , orang yang comot jadi segak ,orang yang malas jadi rajin, orang yang berdosa jadi soleh . 

Setiap perkara perlu pada jawapan ,maka jawablah soalan ini .
adakah kita boleh sedar dengan makan coklat ? boleh ke kita sedar dengan berjogging ? adakah kita boleh sedar dengan memakaikan wangian ? tidak sama sekali . tetapi kesedaran itu akan hadir apabila kita menjinakkan dan melunakkan dan melembutkan hati kita dengan perkara-perkara yang dapat mendekatkan diri pada Allah s.w.t .maka bermulalah dengan istigfar , zikrullah perkara2 wajib kepada sunat dan kemudiannya naik ke tangga seterusnya daripada muslim , kepada mukmin , mukhsin , mukhlis , akhir sekali muttaqin .

Taubat itu sentiasa boleh, kecuali pada hari dimana Allah tutup semua pintu taubat , ketika itu tiada makna lagi bagi orang yang hendak bertaubat. Apa yang orang salah ertikan tentang taubat didalam kehidupan ialah apabila berdosa besar seperti berzina , membunuh , seseorang meninggal , maka saat itulah perlunya pada taubat .
taubat itu tidak perlu jadi ulamak baru hendak bertaubat , taubat itu tidak perlu jadi imam masjid baru perlu bertaubat , taubat itu tidak perlu jadi pencetus ummah baru nak bertaubat . samalah juga apabila sudah jadi polis trafik baru nak patuh undang2 jalan raya , apabila jadi hakim baru tahu undang2 negara .
Kita sebagai seorang muslim perlu sedar bahawa itu dan ini sudah menjadi tanggungjawab kita yang perlu pada adanya satu cara kehidupan yang membuatkan seseorang itu dapat hidup dengan tenang dan memanfaatkan kehidupannya di dunia dan akhirat , dan itu ada pada Islam . Islam mempunyai segala peraturan yang lengkap untuk manusia , bukan untuk mengongkong , tetapi ia adalah peraturan untuk menjadikan kita sebagai seorang yang mempunyai akhlak ,mempunyai moral, mempunyai pendirian , seorang yg merendah diri , dan hati yang tidak kosong .

Terdapat 1 kisah , seorang yang kafir yang mempunyai harta kakayaan , kemewahan , dia dapat kelebihan daripada apa yang orang lain inginkan didunia , dia boleh memiliki pelbagai rumah ,kereta tetapi 1 sahaja dia tidak dapat iaitu jiwa yang tenang .
Dia terus tercari2 apa yang dapat mengisi hatinya yang kosong, maka dia pergi mengembara ke seluruh dunia dengan berbekalkan harta yang ada . maka hayat dia , dia terus mencari2 agama yang dapat menenagkan hatinya , suatu hari dia pergi ke 1 masjid dan kelihatan seseorang yang terhuyung hayang mencari2 sesuatu . maka seorang imam ini bertemu dengannya , ketika dia bertemunya maka diceritakan lelaki tersebut kepada imam tersebut . Imam itu menyuruhnya mengucapkan "2 kalimah syahadah" . ketika dia mengucapkannya dia merasakan sesuatu yang sangat melegakan hatinya yang tidak dapat dirasakannya selama ini , terus dia menitiskan air matanya yang selama ini tersimpan .

"Jangan kamu berputus asa dalan mencari nikmat dan rahmat Allah" Yusuf ayat 87

semasa hayat masih dikandung badan , sihat , boleh celik mata , ada kemampuan inilah kita guna untuk bertaubat . ketika ini carilah keinsafan , lembutkanlah hati , cairkan dosa2 , kerana ketika kita melihat pada cahaya hari ini , itu mungkin kali terakhir kita akan melihat pada cahaya . didalam liang lahad , kubur , neraka itu akan menjadi gelap gelita tanpa ada yang akan mengiringi kita . Ketika masih hidup ini selagi ada yang mampu mengiringi kita , selagi ada tangan, mata, kaki . gunakanlah sebaiknya kerana ianya akan menjadi saksi kepada akhirat nanti .

Monday, December 29, 2014


bangun dari tidur*

pergi menghadap Allah dan teringat suatu ayat. 

Firman Allah S.w.t yang bermaksud:“Apakah kamu mengira bahawa kamu akan masuk syurga, padahal belum datang kepadamu (ujian) sebagaimana halnya orang-orang terdahulu sebelum kamu? Mereka ditimpa oleh malapetaka dan kesengsaraan, serta digoncangkan (dengan bermacam-macam ujian) sehingga berkatalah Rasul dan orang-orang yang beriman bersamanya: “Bilakah datangnya pertolongan Allah?” Ingatlah, sesungguhnya pertolongan Allah itu amat dekat.” – Surah AlBaqarah : Ayat 214

Monday, November 24, 2014


al fitnatu asshaddu minal qatl
"fitnah itu lebih teruk dari membunuh"

aq rela dikutuk , tapi jika menipu dan rasuah aku masih belum berani :)

mngkn cina dan india bukan muslim tak faham ape aku tulis . i dont mind .

media2 , thank u for the popularity .

kalau Allah bersama aku , xada apa yang boleh effect aq .
tutup blog, lawan media , tak kot ?

Allah maha adil , Redha .Allah sebaik2 perancang .
alhamdulillah :)