Friday, May 20, 2016

How languages affected me

Language is a practical life, the more you use it, the better you'll be. Me myself is trying to coup with  several languages which comprises chinese, malay, english, and arabic which I do confess that I dont hold on to all of it regularly. Some may lack in terms of oral or writing.

It takes several years to be good in a language, such as chinese language. Some people may take 6-7 years to completely learn the basics of chinese language. It is an unfortunate to say, 6-7 years trying to learn chinese language is a waste when you only communicate with your mastered mother tongue language after graduate. Ofcourse, the environment. We stay in touch with people who speak our mother tongue language.

For me,language is a persons identity and virtue. It shows how determined and discipline you are in maintaining several things in a shot. How you makeup with people in different cultures using their language, what book you reads, what assent you use. This is the aspects that needs protection in ourselves. And again I see this things are getting further from me. 

There is a time when you want to read other races newspaper to see what they are thinking, how are they doing, what are the latest info that I missed. It affected in many situations, that youll be glad if you stay in your shoes. And how many apportunities comes when you can know something extra. 

Same goes to arabic language. Where actually I missed a big spot in there. That I didnt realize how beautiful Quran words that I thought reading in malay is ok, when eventually it is best and beautiful reading in the form of the Quran language itself. How glorious and shining words that i've missed along the years without understanding the beauty of untranslated, direct meaning of arabic words. 

How's an instrumental band is played when you dont have the conductor. You can hear the sound, but you cant feel the beauty rythm. 

However, this is one of the efforts that keeping me typing pong in english. I hope one day all this letters will be in chinese. 

Thank you for reading.

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