Friday, August 12, 2016

Peter and the beggar

A man called peter was eating with his cousin at a store while discussing about some business venture. he eats slowly and gently. just before he took another bite, he took a glance infront of him and saw a boy wondering around with a box held tightly to his chess. He wondered and took a wild guess what he's holding onto, like other boys that wear a pair of slipper, dresses untidy and a poor look, it didnt took long for peter to make a guess.

Peter knew exactly what will happen next, as he had experienced many situation alike. So, the boy went to peter with poorly look asking for a charity for his school. Peter took few seconds to make the decision wether to check for his pocket or just deny the situation. so he make a decision to deny him. The boy left with quite a dissapointment and left the store. 

Peter knew he did not felt good about it. He knew that left a boy with no direction was not a good idea. theres so much excuses for him to abandon him ."why should I? ive donated so much" he dialogue...

Peter left the store with a bad feeling hoping that he had bought something for the boy. He went to his car unhappy and went round the corner of the place.

He know that he didnt felt good, so he decided to take some tour in a journey of relieve. he didnt go far from the store, suddenly he met with the boy who he had been wondering all the time.

He parked his car immediately and with fearless and undeniable thought he rushed to the boy and asked "boy, can we have a seat, ill buy you some drinks" the boy replied "thank you sir" he rejected politely. peter insist for a time with the boy ,and the boy seemingly approved.

peter ordered some roti canai and teh tarik for the boy.
then they started their conversation

"hello kid, what is your name" says peter

"hi, im john" says john

"hi john nice to meet you. im peter. may i know where'd you live . because you seems to be wondering around losing place?" says peter

"thank you for your concern mr. peter. im living in a school hostel far from here" says john

peter strangely replied, trying to negotiate with his mind.

"but why are you wondering around looking for charity john?"
says peter anxiously replied

"well, this is our duty. we need to collect money for the school and we really didn't need to study much, because we wont even take any exam. Besides, it's the principal's order" sighed the boy.

" what about your family? Anyone's still around?" said peter

infact said the boy, "they still are and they are the one who sent me to this school with exchange of free tuition fees. "

feeling anxiously reply. peter skipped the part as he know that wont help him for the conversation.

"boy, do you have a dream? Any thoughts on what u want to do later on? says peter

"not really sir, i havent paid much attention to it" said the boy

deep in peter's heart, he thought, how lucky he is, to have everything, that this boy couldnt even dream.

peter continue being inquistive as before, further ask "where do you see urself in 5 years to come?"

"well, i dont sir, but maybe i'll help my dad"

says peter "then how'd you manage to come here afterall?"

"someone drove me here. my friends are also been situated some other place to collect for donation...ahhh, im sorry but i need to go now, since they will pick me up later" john replied

peter then prolong smily facial reaction.

"thank you kid, im sorry for dragging your time, it is a pleasure to hear from you. please2 continue with your meal"

john quickly finish his meal and peter make a grace goodbye handshake.

"till we meet again john" says peter

john smiled.

Peter sat for a while...

drove back home.

The memory keeps on repeating on his head, even for a simple situation bothered him so much that he couldnt pretend that its not a big deal.

Peter wanted to share this little story in how he felt to everyone.
but he kept it real deep in his heart, that 1 space that only he can notice it, and how the feelings created from a burning hell to a beautiful sunshine.

Peter wish he could do more for the kid, he wish for some more time, to know him better.

Dissapointed, yet happy because the time he spent with him is far more valuable, than handing him money just to make him dissapear.

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